Doggy Day School

Discover the convenience, efficiency and time-saving benefits that  Day Training has to offer!

To be used in conjunction with Doggy Daycare at Klassic Kennels

Available In-Home: LACOMBE only at this time.

Have you ever wished that your dog could be trained by a professional? 

Or you want the benefits of obedience training but you just don't have the time...  This is more common than you may think!

With our hectic lifestyles and the constant demands on our time and energy, it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to Day Training.

Day Training focuses on basic obedience, manners, leash skills and maybe even a few tricks. It does not address problem behaviors such as digging, counter-surfing, or other behaviors that need to be addressed while they are happening. These behaviors fall under 'Coaching' as opposed to 'Training' and addressing them will require much more effort on your part to make any real difference. Check out our Home-School options.

One Smart Cookie Canine & Companion Training Services trainer, Andrea Davis will teach your dog basic cues and manners during the week while your dog is in Doggy Daycare or Boarding at Klassic Kennels (also available In-Home - LACOMBE only at this time). She then teaches YOU during weekly transfer sessions, the necessary skills to maintain the training for the long haul. (This is ideal for stays longer than one week for boarding as training takes time and needs to be reinforced by YOU once the dog goes home)

*Package options:

3 times per week plus 1 weekly transfer session for 4 weeks: $699

(16 sessions total)

4 times per week plus 1 weekly transfer session for 4 weeks: $859

(20 sessions total)

*45 minute sessions 

*In conjunction with Klassic Kennels Doggy Daycare or Boarding

*Also available In-Home (LACOMBE only at this time)

*Prices subject to change without notice

*Modifications to packages will be considered on an individual basis