One Smart Cookie K9 Services Inc. was named after COOKIE, our beautiful little blue heeler/whippet who crossed the rainbow bridge on August 23/19, just after her 8th birthday. Everyone thinks that their dog is the best dog and none of us are wrong! 
She was truly an amazing dog; very loyal, very loving, and very SMART as you probably gathered from the name of our business. She, along with our other dogs BANDIT-13yrs (crossed the rainbow bridge January 2/18), LILY-13yrs, and LOKI-3yrs are the inspiration behind everything we do! Our dogs are all blue and red heelers/heeler mixes (YES, we are very partial to the crazy little dingo dogs which likely tells you a whole lot about us too!) 

It is also a play on words being that we can use a 'cookie' in a smart way; positively reinforcing behaviours that we want to encourage and reinforce in our dogs.  
+R training is motivating to the dog; it builds trust and a strong bond between the dog and their human companion. It is force-free and involves choice (a thinking dog...) therefore training is not stressful, but actually fun! Hence 'One Smart Cookie'.

Andrea Davis is the founder, director, and head trainer of One Smart Cookie K9 Services Inc. She has acquired many certifications in both the fitness and the dog training industry and has been serving her patrons since 2002. February 9/19, we opened the doors to our NEW training facility in Lacombe at 5210 E Wolf Creek Drive 

What exactly do we do? 
Well, we help bridge the communication gap between dogs and their human companions using markers, positive reinforcement and cruelty-free training methods which is scientifically proven to be the most effective and minimally aversive and works across all species. 

WOW, that’s a mouthful! 

In other words, we provide the tools you need to help you and your dog improve your relationship which reduces unwanted behaviours as well as stress and frustration at BOTH ends of the leash… 

We SPECIALIZE in providing a variety of mental and physical outlets for dogs who are: *High-Energy (run, play and fetch ALL DAY!!) 
*Busy-Brain (creative, super smart, destructive, and gets-into-all-the-things…) 
*Reactive (fearful, anxious, loud, lacks confidence, maybe even looks a little like aggression – but they are really super sweet when you get to know them!) 

What services do we offer at this time? 
*Group Classes and Private Training & Human-Canine Fitness 
Human-Only Personal Training & Group Fitness 
Canine-Only Fitness & Conditioning 
Trick Training 
Scent Detection 
Manners & Behaviour (including fear, anxiety and aggression) 
Saturday Socials – Puppy Play, Exploration & Socialization 
Off-Leash Play (big dogs / small dogs) 

Working with a qualified,  skilled, force-free +R trainer can make a huge difference in a short amount of time.  It is well worth the investment to have a trainer work with you and your dog to solve issues  from the very small to the  very serious.

DID YOU KNOW? We are a Blue-9 Pet Products dealer!  
Blue-9 Pet Products has one goal as a company, to help dogs succeedEach product is designed with your dog in mind. Blue-9 Pet Products is a company that cares about each individual dog by creating training products to enhance your relationship with your dog. Check out what we have to offer HERE