At One Smart Cookie Canine & Companion Training Services, we are committed to providing quality force-free, positive reinforcement (+R) dog training using a variety of tools and resources that the dog finds motivating. Physical activity and mental stimulation games and exercises make learning fun and enjoyable for both canine and their human companion.  We set you up for success! 

One Smart Cookie Canine & Companion Training Services' name was inspired by our little mascot featured in the photo above.
COOKIE is a 7 year old blue heeler/whippet cross who has energy to spare and is always ready for a challenge; but more about COOKIE later... 
It is also a play on words being that we can use a 'cookie' in a smart way; positively reinforcing behaviors that we want to encourage in our dogs.

+R training is motivating to the dog, it builds trust and a strong bond between the dog and their human companion. It is not dominance based and therefore training is not stressful, but actually fun!
Hence 'One Smart Cookie'.

Working with a qualified,  skilled force-free +R trainer can make a huge difference in a short amount of time.  It is well worth the investment to have a trainer work with you and your dog to solve issues  from the very small to the  very serious.

We are a Lebert Fitness® Affiliate & LeCREW Education Team Member!  

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