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Private School


Private sessions are completed at our indoor training facility in Lacombe 5210 E Wolf Creek Drive. 

In-Home sessions may be an option depending on where you live, availability and if you and your dog actually require 'in-home' as opposed to sessions at our facility.

**Our availability is limited, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs

We can work on anything!

Basic cues and behaviors / solutions for unwanted behavior

Fear, anxiety, reactivity (NOTE: we refer out severe aggression / bite history cases as well as Separation Anxiety - contact us for referral)    

Scent detection, trick training


Canine conditioning, human-canine fitness, human ONLY fitness

*Package options:

1 session $99

3 sessions $250

5 sessions $349

Gift Certificates are available!

(NOTE: GST will be applied to products and services)

*Upgrades available

*Combination of packages will be considered on an individual basis

*Travel Fees may apply

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