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                                         Private School 


Private Session Options:

1) OSCK9 are completed at our indoor training facility in Lacombe 5210 E Wolf Creek Drive

2) In-Home (this might also include outdoors)

Note: Travel Fees 'may' apply to In-Home / Off-Site sessions depending on where you live

We can work on anything!

Basic cues and behaviors / solutions for unwanted behavior

Fear, anxiety, reactivity (NOTE: we refer out severe aggression / bite history cases as well as Separation Anxiety - contact us for referral)    

Scent detection, trick training


Canine conditioning, human-canine fitness, human ONLY fitness


1 x 15-minute Session $25

This option is for those who want to meet us, ask questions, check out the facility, etc... before booking a training service. 

1 x 15-minute VIRTUAL session is also an option $15

To book in, please REGISTER just like any other service 

NOTE: This is NOT a training session

GST will be applied to all products and services


  • Full Day 8am-4pm $120

  • Half Day 8am-12pm / 12pm-4pm $60

1 Private Transfer Session is also required to learn what your dog has learned and how to reinforce and maintain the new

learned behaviors (if you are booking multiple Day Training sessions, please discuss with your trainer as to how many

Transfer Sessions to book)

  • 1 Private Transfer Session $60  

Includes crate training, loose-leash manners, basic manners / obedience (sit, down, stay, come, etc...) PLUS one NEW positive 


*Mondays-Thursdays (Availability Dependent)  

GST will be applied to all products and services / *Travel Fees 'may' apply

*Private Training Prices & Package Options:

  • 1 session $99

  • 3 sessions $250

  • 5 sessions $349

Gift Certificates are available!

(NOTE: GST will be applied to products and services)

*Travel Fees may apply towards In-Home / Off-Site sessions


  • Working Walk $40

  • Leisure Walk $20

  • Let Out $20

GST will be applied to all products and services / *Travel Fees 'may' apply

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