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Private Training

Your dog might enjoy barking, lunging, pulling on the leash, chewing, digging, jumping on family and guests, bolting out the door as soon as it opens. These are all NORMAL dog behaviors, but when we bring a dog into our home to live with us, we have certain ideals. We need to help our dogs cope with their new living arrangement while we help them understand what is being asked of them, so we can reduce the stress and frustration and begin to co-exist harmoniously. 

Private sessions can help you and your dog work through  specific unwanted behaviors and at your individual pace. 

Is your dog very EXCITED? Do they get overstimulated quickly?

Private sessions can help you practice the behaviors that you want your dog to perform in a lower stimulating environment than a group program offers. We can look into group programs as your dog is ready to progress and work around distractions.

Perhaps your dog is a little bit anxious or maybe reactive to other dogs or people. A group program is not our starting point. 

We need to create an optimal learning environment for both you and your dog and then progress at the dog's pace. 

We have a few private training options:

  • Individual Sessions / Package Rates at our training facility in Lacombe, AB and In-Home option (In-Home option is dependent on your location / availability / and if there is an actual need to do in-home as opposed to at our facility)
  • Virtual Services (this option is good for a quick consult, for fearful dogs, young puppies, under-vaccinated dogs, inability to travel, location, etc...) 

Click HERE for our Private School options and to book in

Click HERE for our Virtual Services and to book in

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