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Get involved in the exciting new sport of Scent Detection!

Also known as Nosework, this sport mimics the work of K9 professionals (bomb/arson/etc dogs) and their handlers.

We teach the dogs to locate target odor and create a variety of stimulating searches for them to learn the game. 

 When learning this sport for fun we teach you and your pet simple games that need only target odor and your dog's nose to be played ANYWHERE! The sport is both mentally and physically stimulating for your dog, making it a great option for rainy or cold days.​

Classes are held at our NEW location in Lacombe 5210 E Wolf Creek Drive! 

 **Available as PRIVATE or Small Group bookings!


CONTACT US if you are interested in this program



Session 1:

4 classes: TBA

$180.00 +gst includes 1 tin with odor and 1 nose touch box

5 classes: 

$225.00+gst includes 1 tin w/odor, 1 nose touch box AND the chance for your team to earn your Wintergreen SDDA DOT (Designated Odor Test). 

The successful completion of the test earns you a certificate, ribbon and official DOT Wintergreen title.

Space is Limited

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