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Andrea is a very qualified and knowledgeable instructor. The safety of all dogs is very important to her. HUGO and I have participated in Andrea’s K9 Fit Club classes both Bow-Wow Bootcamp and Just the Dog for two years now and we love it! It keeps us strong and healthy and we have also developed a stronger bond. HUGO is reactive and has high anxiety, but being able to work out in a safe, controlled environment has helped him tremendously. HAZEL is a new dog we’ve adopted and she also has started K9 Fit Club. She has already become a much stronger and more confident dog and loves going to classes. Her tail is always wagging with excitement when she sees Andrea. Working out together is a blast!

Heather - HAZEL & HUGO (Red Deer, AB)

NEEKO and I joined Andrea's K9 Fit Club a couple of years ago and have been eager participants ever since. We joined because I wanted to work on fitness for both of us and it seemed like a fun thing to do with NEEKO. We participate in both Bow Wow Bootcamp and Just the Dog classes. The activities have helped NEEKO develop her hind-end awareness and improved her overall physical conditioning as well as providing mental stimulation. The activities and stretches help keep her strong and fit for her Agility classes. She really enjoys working on the Fit Paws equipment like the peanut and paw pods. In Bow Wow Bootcamp, I get to work out too, so that is a bonus! But, the most important benefit of K9 Fit Club classes is that NEEKO and I get to spend time working on enjoyable and challenging activities together and have developed a stronger bond and connection as a result. Andrea is a very qualified instructor, who is able to effectively combine canine and human fitness skills in a safe and positive class environment. I know NEEKO loves her classes as she is super excited to jump out of the car and always greets Andrea with a happy Arrrrroooooooooh!

So, I am pretty sure I can say that we both highly recommend Andrea's K9 Fit Club classes.

Val - NEEKO 2018 (Red Deer, AB)

Andrea came to me recommended by friends who had used her previously. I am sure glad I decided to contact her because it was the BEST decision I ever made. I have been with Andrea ever since MACI was nine weeks old. With my crazy schedule I do not always have the time to teach her manners; Andrea is able to accommodate by teaching MACI manners in a way that she understands, positive reinforcement and the clicker.

We’ve done all types of training with Andrea: in house training with and without me there, manners classes, and “Just the Dog”. With all of these, MACI is always exhausted (which is tough to do with a jack russell terrier) and comes out a better, well-behaved dog. Andrea always meets them at the dogs’ level, if MACI is unable to get the proper behaviour, she’d take a step back and look at how she can change her method so that MACI becomes successful. With MACI being a jack russell terrier, I needed a way for her to be tired, both physically and mentally. With Andrea's help, I was able to do that in a positive manner without just going for a walk. MACI would not be the dog she is today without the tremendous help and training that Andrea has given her over the past two years. I will continue to use Andrea for as long as she offers her services.

Kassandra - MACI 2018 (Blackfalds, AB)

You cannot go wrong with Andrea with One Smart Cookie K9 Services for your dog training needs. Our 7 year old rescue dog BERRY was very reactive and fearful. After enrolling BERRY in K9 Fit Club, she has become a more confident dog. The equipment and exercises were challenging for BERRY in the beginning, but after attending a few sessions she began getting excited when the equipment was brought out. Every Saturday morning when I start getting ready for our class BERRY gets very excited as she knows where we are going. I have bought a few pieces of equipment that we use in class for practice at home and BERRY absolutely loves it. I truly believe that the stimulation gives her more energy and she is a happier dog for it. Our walks are much more enjoyable now as she listens to me when I tell her not to bark at other people and dogs on the trails. 

Andrea is very encouraging with positive reinforcement training as well as her great attitude and easy instruction. If your dog isn't responding to a command one way, we try a different approach. She makes it fun to train your dog and you can't help but want to come back for more. We can't wait to attend the next session!

Erin - BERRY 2018 (Red Deer, AB)

I started to take my dog GEORGIE GIRL to K9 Fit Club for fun and enhance bonding with her. What I soon noticed was that my fitness was improving - bonus.

Andrea geared my level and intensity of exercise to 'where I was at the time' and increased as my ability improved.

GEORGIE GIRL learned new skills and her abilities and confidence increased. She knows when we are heading out for a morning of fit-fun and is eager to go to class.

I have tried many forms of exercise and fitness but this is the one that has sustained. Fun, fitness and bonding with my dog - in my book - is the best way to go.

Eileen - GEORGIE GIRL 2017 (Red Deer, AB)

RJ flowers pig toy.jpg

- RJ is fully able to loose leash walk, no more pulling when he gets excited or when he sees another dog on the trail

- sit, stand and lay down with verbal and non verbal commands

- RJ will come to us when we call him!! Even when other dogs are around!

- He is fully muzzle trained now and enjoys wearing his muzzle with no apprehension

- he is so relaxed and able to calm down faster after meeting new people/animals

- he is able to do a couple new tricks and we are continuing to teach him more 

This training was not only beneficial for us as dog owners to be able to feel comfortable with RJ, but for RJ as well being able to break down some of his past issues and be able to be apart of our family.

Thanks so much Andrea Davis"

Jeff & Katie - RJ 2016 (Red Deer, AB)

"I must start off by saying that you cannot go wrong by choosing Andrea with One Smart Cookie K9 Services. Her upbeat personality and passion not only gets you excited to learn, but your dog as well! I was amazed at how fast and responsive dogs are to the positive reinforcement training and that Andrea is always quick to offer an alternative if needed. Having a rescue dog with no previous training at all I was unsure of how LUX would do, but she loved it! It gives you the opportunity to become that much closer with your dog and see how they are so willing to please. I look forward to attending more classes with Andrea in the future."

Jenny - LUX 2016 (Blackfalds, AB)

"After much frustration with our bichon schitzu we had asked Andrea with One Smart Cookie K9 Services to come for five sessions and complete one-to-one training with us. We admired her gentle and approachable nature. Andrea was great at brainstorming and trying different things if the first attempt didn't work. The introduction of clicker training has been extremely helpful. Andrea often stayed later to ensure that all our questions were answered and we understood the "homework" between sessions well enough to implement and practice with our dog ourselves. We would wholeheartedly recommend One Smart Cookie Canine & Companion Training Services to anyone! Thank you for all your time and support!"

Kelsey & Colton - HARPER 2016 (Lacombe, AB)

"My family and I had the fortunate experience of working with Andrea in our home using positive reinforcement training with our 7 month old puppy “BELLA”. BELLA is a German Shepherd Coonhound mix with lots of energy and short attention span. The reason we contacted Andrea was for us to get training for BELLA to learn basic obedience, she was also fearful of other dogs and loud noises.Positive reinforcement training has taught us that we can gain the trust and respect from Bella we needed for her to follow commands and learn in a fun and healthy environment.

We learned a lot of important things to show BELLA basic obedience, such as “stay”, how to be calm and not to jump up on people. Because Andrea was a great trainer and BELLA was such a quick learner we began to explore and learn fun things for her to do such as rollover, shake a paw, fun ways for her to use her nose and find hidden treats and lots more! BELLA got over her fears of other dogs and loud noises. She goes to a doggy daycare now for more socialization and enjoys playing with the other dogs. I can also use my blow dryer and blender without BELLA barking and freaking out. We were amazed at how smart BELLA could actually be when we really put in the effort and skills to train her. The possibilities are endless with positive reinforcement techniques and I would definitely recommend One Smart Cookie K9 Services to anyone! Thanks again for the amazing experience and we really learned a lot and will keep using your techniques to follow through."

Samantha 2016 - BELLA (Springbrook, AB)

"Our Golden Collie cross was a huge barker and very aggressive in nature to neighbors, kids and especially in the car. This was very stressful for our entire family, as well as our neighbors. I was at my wits end and ready to face the fact that he might have to go to a farm. It was during our first session that I realized he was quite trainable and felt hope for the first time in a long time. After 6 sessions, we are well on our way, both us and our dog ALVIN.

Rewarding positive behavior is such a simple concept but until Andrea showed us how, we did not know how to apply it. Andrea is fantastic at training both the dog and the human trainer. ALVIN is more loved and we really do feel proud of what we have accomplished. Andrea has been a huge help to our family. I highly recommend her services."

Tracey 2015 - ALVIN (Red Deer, AB) 

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