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I initially met Andrea at the World Gym 10 years ago! I remember vividly!!! That girl is super toned! And I wanted to have the same physique as her! Upon approaching her for tips and advice, I never felt awkward, or stupid in any way. I still remember some advice she's given me. She's actually taken me through some cupboards of hers with me on the phone and told me of some foods she enjoyed and worked for her to give me some ideas or labels lol!!! That was super helpful for me getting started.

She's taught me The Diet Doc program through Rozanne Piper which was life altering for me. I had been involved in fitness all these years but never had the key to success. She was extremely patient and very caring. Given that I am at home with 3 kids under the age of 5, it can be a difficult challenge as far as food prep, workouts, and commitment goes, but she's SO encouraging and knowledgeable. She never let me down once! She pushed me as far as she could, challenged me, and most of all believed in me. I actually just competed in the INBF in the fitness category when my youngest baby was just 9 mos! A life long dream and she gave me the confidence and the mentality to go through with it! Any question or anytime I needed her, she was there which is extremely important to me. I never had to wait on anything. She also never held any information back from me. If she didn't know the answer she found! She's also helped me through some tough emotional times and I'm so thankful she came into my life! I'm so blessed to know this girl and I would truly recommend her to anyone wanting a better life in more ways than just one! She's driven, focused, challenging, trustworthy, dedicated, and there for you! I'm SO proud to call her my friend, teacher, and mentor! And one of these days when my kids are a bit older I can't wait to get into her fitness classes lol! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING you've taught me and done for me Andrea!

Jaime- 2013

I first experienced one of Andrea’s classes in 2012 when she was subbing a drop-in class that I attended. Her enthusiasm and passion soon had me signed up for Monday nights with her. Little did I know she would soon convince me to sign up for more classes… at 6 am. If you would have told me that all of this would eventually lead to early morning classes 5 days a week - I would have just laughed. Now I wouldn’t want to start my day any other way. It gives me HUGE boost of energy and confidence and I’ve never felt better. Prior to working out with Andrea, I had some knee issues from a previous injury. I always thought that this hindered my ability to workout hard but with Andrea’s guidance and modifications I have been able to push past my perceived limits and get results! Andrea makes workouts challenging, creative and fun. She’s a very approachable trainer and constantly provides positive feedback. I know that I will be attending Andrea’s classes as long as they are offered. If you’re serious about changing your life for the better, Andrea will lead you every step of the way.

Breanne- 2013

I joined Andrea`s class at the Dawe Centre in Red Deer to do her 12-week Pump It - Muscle Mix cl...ass. I was very weak and couldn`t lift much weight. I had already lost around 90 pounds by doing a lot of cardio so I didn`t have any muscle tone at all. My first couple of times going, I was barley lifting 5 and 8 pound weights. I was struggling and definitely did not have the right form at all. I really enjoyed going because even though it was a big class, I still felt as though Andrea paid great one-on-one attention to each person to help them. By the end of the 12-week program I am now able to lift 15 pound weights and even up to 20 pound weights! I have really noticed a major transformation in my body. My arms and shoulders are very defined now and I never had abs before, but I do now! I started this process with Andrea when I met my boyfriend and he says everyday how much I have toned up. I am very grateful for Andrea`s class because she makes them fun and really enjoyable. She is an awesome motivator and really knows what she is doing. I really enjoy her wonderful knowledge and her encouragement. I feel amazing every morning after her class because it puts me into such a great mood and really sets the day for me. I will continue to go to her classes and will probably be an Andrea ‘lifer’ now. I really encourage anyone that hasn`t worked out with Andrea to do her classes and I promise you that you will have fun and will definitely get results!

Emmy- 2013

My name is Rozanne Pyper and am a WNBF Figure and Fit Body Pro Competitor, Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Sponsored RE7 Athlete, and Manager of INBF Canada Body Building Federation. I’ve competed several times at a Pro Level; have worked with several photographers; been in magazines and on websites; have made TV appearances; and have done guest speaking. All of this has occurred in only 4 short years!

I am extremely grateful to Andrea Davis for the wonderful things that have happened to me to in the Health and Fitness Industry. She was the first person in 15 years of training in the gym, who ever came up to me in the gym, and who not only encouraged me but challenged me. She suggested I compete in a Body Transformation Challenge that would get me to my next goal of competing in my first bodybuilding competition that year. She had obviously seen something in me that I or no one else did. I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life because of her encouraging words.

I have known Andrea for 6 years from World Gym, where she worked as a trainer and group fitness instructor. Andrea has now become my Personal Training Coach, (through her group training classes) and my Diet Doc Business Associate. I have been taking a series of Andrea’s Training Classes at The Can-Pro Athletic Training Centre and CrossRoads Church over the last six months that have included Cardio-Boot Camp, Muscle Mix and most recently, her awesome Pump-It class! These classes I would recommend to anyone as you can work as little or as hard as you want. It’s up to you. I like the weight training class a lot because not only do I just have to show up, I’m learning so much as I go. Every class I pick up something new. The atmosphere is also great, I might add!

I actually used the Muscle Mix class to lead me into The WNBF World Championships in New York City where I competed most recently this fall. I took a chance that the class was what I needed to get my body competition ready. I accompanied the 3 classes per week with 20-30 minutes of cardio 5-6 times a week, and was able to come in looking and feeling the best I ever had!

Having Andrea as my Business Associate and Training Coach has greatly affected my life in a positive way. - Thanks Andrea for all you do!

Rozanne - 2011

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for seeing potential in me when my confidence was at its lowest…to share my joy of success… bring me back when I faltered…and to share my success again. I’m proud to call you my trainer, Andrea – and ever prouder to call you my friend.

Char - 2011

Andrea has been coming to my home and training me for five years. I do not have much equipment to work with but she always gives me different and great training sessions. Just when I think I am going to nail a workout she has changed it to make me work harder. I also have a medical disability, Vertigo, and some days I just cannot do certain things so she is always willing to change up the session. So I always feel like I still had a great workout. I also believe that she has helped me to gain some of my balance back. I find Andrea to be flexible and also very creative when it comes to her workouts. She is always encouraging me to work out more and to try different things.

I love my sessions with Andrea and I always look forward to them.

Sharon - 2011

I got invited to my first "boot camp" with Andrea Davis. I had never taken a work out class before and was very nervous about attending. I have always worked out on my own at home. Andrea made me feel very welcome and comfortable in class. I was always worried that I would not be able to keep up and would feel out of place. Andrea does not put anyone on the spot or make them feel uncomfortable. She has taught me lots of new ways to step up my workout. She is very knowledgeable in what she teaches and has lots of positive energy to give out. I have thoroughly enjoyed her class and would recommend it to everyone I know, no matter what your level of training has been. It is amazing how much better you feel about yourself once you have taken one of her classes.

Thank you Andrea. You are the best!!!!!!

Marilyn- 2011 (CrossRoads Cardio-Boot Camp)

I started training with Andrea in 2007 when I wanted to tone up and lose some weight. Andrea was excellent to work with and listened to what my goals were and designed plans to match those goals. Every time I met with Andrea she had a new program made up for me that used a variety of cardio, free weights and Plyometric exercise. The programs were also easy to follow on my own. I wanted to tone up and lose weight for my trip to Greece and then after that for my upcoming wedding. I lost the amount of weight I wanted to and I also toned up. I still use the programs today that Andrea made up for me and I know that she is always there to email and set me up with something new. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Andrea introduced me to TRX training and for the past 3 years I have been using it a lot and have taken it on trips with me.

My health overall has increased, along with my energy levels. Looking back to when I first started with Andrea to today, I'm a completely different person. I am now running road races and half marathons, along with doing my first duathlon this year.

Thank you Andrea for your time and help!!

Kyla - 2011

Classes I took with Andrea: Cardio-kick & Cardio-Intervals. Both classes were new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I found that I lost almost two inches in my waist and my cardio definitely increased. They were challenging and and a lot of fun. By getting fit I find that I feel better & sleep better. I took two 6-week sessions of each class and liked how they were different sessions so I could continue without getting bored of the same exercises. I also try to keep fit and exercise outside if these classes and I really enjoyed mixing it up twice a week with Andrea. She is a fantastic instructor and I recommend her classes to anyone!

Jen - 2011

My name is Jill and I am a 29 year old mother of 3. I was struggling with lack of energy and self confidence. Andrea encouraged me to attend her cardio-kick and cardio-intervals classes. I had never before had a regular exercise regimen nor did I desire one. After the first 6 week stretch of classes I had noticed so many changes that I couldn't imagine my life without it. At 3 weeks I got into a pair of jeans that I never thought I would!

I immediately noticed a change in my sleep (I was sleeping much better), also in my energy levels... I could now keep up with my 3 boys without tiring easily. After 12 weeks I decided exercise is something I am so passionate about that I want to become a trainer myself. Andrea gave me the steps and support I needed to follow through and I am currently taking my AFLCA certification. I have made so many wonderful new friends attending Andrea's classes and now fitness isn't something I dread but rather look forward too! I have a newfound love for my body not because its perfect but because I am taking care of it. I never would have imagined the impact that these classes could have on me.

I am motivated to do things I never thought I could. I am so grateful for Andrea's encouragement; she is my inspiration and has truly changed my life for the better.

Jill - 2011

I started Andrea's classes last fall and have become "addicted" to say the least!

Her weights classes have taught me proper form, strength training, and how to sweat!

I then started her cardio-kick and intervals, WOW! A new understanding of pushing yourself and feeling great for it(not to mention, more sweat! My overall body shape has changed 15" in 4 months, my stamina and endurance have improved immensely. This is my first "class" experience. Andrea was very welcoming, friendly and has been a inspiration to me. I learned a ton from her about fitness, overall health, little things I can do to help improve my fitness. Overall I love her classes, look forward to seeing her smiling face, and what color her hair is everyday.

Stacey - 2011

Andrea, I just want to let you know that I think it is so awesome that you have these free classes. I know it is a lot of prep work and you are always at the gym early and the last one to leave. Your classes are always fun and are a great workout. You make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. I know it must be difficult for you as there is so many different levels but you seem to make it work for all of us. I have never gone to the gym as I feel intimated but being at the Church gives this class a different feel. Thank you so much for giving your time to do these classes. You are a great role model and set an example that make people want to give as well.

Sharon-2011 (CrossRoads-Cardio-Boot Camp)

Andrea, I just wanted to thank you so much for doing this program for us.

Putting in your time free of charge; I really enjoy it and look forward to it.

Thank you for allowing God to use you this way.

Marcia - 2011 (CrossRoads Cardio-Boot Camp)

Andrea has trained me on and off over the last 5 years, and I have to say that she is an exceptional fitness expert! I have worked with her in many different situations.

She trained me through a physique transformation competition that I came in 2nd place for. I appreciated the motivation and encouragement that she offered and the discipline that I needed! Andrea helped me get into phenomenal shape for my wedding day and shortly after trained me through my pregnancy. She offered me support not only in working out safely, but in nutrition also. While training with her, I felt the best I ever have!

Andrea is committed to her work and you can really experience her passion for fitness and health when working with her. She became a great friend and someone who I greatly respect. She inspired me to live a healthy lifestyle, and for that I will be forever grateful!

Amanda - 2011

Andrea presents a well-planned comprehensive exercise program. Her extensive knowledge of the human muscular system gives her the ability to work even the smallest, yet very important muscles, to help support the major muscle groups and create a superior result physically.

The classes are upbeat, challenging, inclusive of all clients ability levels, and, yes, FUN! Andrea’s positive attitude and lively spirit allows clients to keep going with their fitness goals in a very supportive manner.

Goals that have been met for me….so many to choose from! Combined with a healthy diet (no dieting) and a great exercise program to build muscle and stamina, I have lost 25 lbs in two years. I have gone from a size 8-10 to a 2. I have muscle where there used to be…ugh flab. Additionally, I feel really energetic and able to take on a life that includes activities such as hiking, biking and kayaking…all fun things that I wanted to do but wasn’t doing before. My health has gone from declining to great. Exercise has lowered my cholesterol, and finally is reducing my blood pressure. I have some issues with my back, and Andrea has helped to build the muscles needed to support the problem areas to the extent that I no longer have much discomfort at all. She is always aware of her clients’ problem areas and concerns, and gives alternate exercises that put less stress on weak areas. The best part is I feel great!

There is more…sounds too good to be true, but it really isn’t. The classes are nothing short of awesome. It doesn’t matter how hard a day has been at work, I always feel happy and full of fun when I leave the class. It really is extraordinary. The preparation and care that Andrea puts into these classes make them so successful. It is lots of fun working out with others in a class environment. The effort each of us puts into the class will of course make a difference too, but it seems relatively easy to do what many of us have avoided for so long!

I highly recommend a well-planned and properly designed fitness program for everyone, and I have no problem in highly recommending Andrea’s fitness classes in particular. The Can-Pro Athletic Training Centre is a very clean, professional, and friendly environment….

I really don’t see any down sides to this.

Amy - 2011

I have had the privilege if finding Andrea through the Can-Pro owners! I was thrilled to find out they had added these extra options to their business. Now I know why they waited! They were waiting for Andrea! Wow what an inspiring and inspired instructor.

I have taken boot camps before but not like this. I have never sweat so much in a class and felt like I got so much from it! I would encourage anyone looking for that level of instruction, great music and fun to check it out! (RE: Pump It Up! class)

Melody - 2011

Great instructor!

Works with your present condition and pushes you to improve without being pushy. Andrea tailors and modifies the workouts for those with injuries (like me) while still challenging you and not letting you off the hook. Does a great job of motivating and keeping it fun.

Mike- 2011

I have had over the years the opportunity to take quite a few of the classes and programs that Andrea Davis has offered. Her dedication and devotions to her clients has always helped me to achieve all the goals I have set for myself. With her encouragement I have not only had weight loss but have increased my muscle mass and endurance all the while making it fun and challenging. Just when I figured I had a workout down she would change things up to keep it interesting. Andrea has always been very free with sharing her knowledge and lending the support that helped me be successful. I have unfortunately left the province and so far have not found my Andrea here in BC. I miss her a lot.

Pat - 2011

I started at World Gym in May of 2004. Andrea was the person who showed me around the gym and how to use the different equipment. She also put together a basic program for me – enough to get me looking great for my graduation. Since 2004, I’ve participated in three 12-week transformation challenges that were put on by World Gym. Andrea helped give me pointers and work out routines for the first two. The third challenge I took more seriously. She put me on a very intense workout regime and told me what/what not to eat. I ended up gaining seven pounds of muscle and was ripped. I was incredibly happy with the result. I’ve also participated in her ‘PUMP IT’, ‘PUMP IT UP’, and ‘MUSCLE MIX’ classes. For a 45-minute class, she packs a lot into it – making sure to hit all the major muscle groups and that everyone is doing the exercise properly to ensure the greatest benefit from the exercise. Andrea is capable of being firm without being mean.

She answers questions thoroughly about anything – whether it’s about muscles, exercises, stretching, diet, or anything else. She knows her stuff inside out. She’s helped me develop my love for the gym.

Besides being an excellent trainer, she is a wonderful person and friend.

Stephanie - 2011

Andrea Davis: Pump It Up Program - July 2, 2010

Thank you for the gift of improved fitness.

I’ve profited from this class in many ways – including an enhanced range of motion, better coordination and balance and increased strength and endurance.

In combination with changes in nutrition and complementary aerobic exercise,

I’ve lost28 pounds over the past 3 months (from 221 to 193).

I am closer to ideal body weight than I have been for at least 30 years.

Your caring, skill, encouragement, personal example and dedication are very much appreciated. I’ve enjoyed the class and the opportunity to share this time with you and the other members of the group. It has been a very enjoyable experience.

Most importantly, your efforts have increased my personal knowledge of how to keep it.

I intend to incorporate the exercises and routines that you have taught into my ongoing exercise program.

Best wishes

Dave - 2010

I have known Andrea for 3 years and in that time has worked with Deja Vu Modelling. She has taught all our nutrition classes to our models. She also compiled eating regimes and workout schedules for my top models to help them slim down in a healthy, active way. Her help turned out to be a huge success helping land international contracts for the models. This was based on her hard work, punctuality and overall great personality. I'd rate Andrea's performance (as an educator in these classes) 10/10. She is a wonderful woman that works to the best of her ability. She is kind to newcomers and makes everyone feel at home. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Andrea Davis. If her performance in the Deja Vu Modelling Agency is any indication of how extraordinary she'd perform for you, Andrea will be a positive addition to your organization.

Sabrina Notte - Owner/President: Deja Vu Modelling Int'l - 2007

I have known Andrea Davis for over three years in my capacity as gym member and hers as trainer/event coordinator. I have had the experience of training one-on-one and of being in both small and large group settings. In all cases, Andrea brings the highest possible level of personal commitment, professionalism and preparation. (We have on occasion begged her to not work so hard at working us so hard!) She somehow manages to focus simultaneously on both the individual and the group, bringing her attention to our needs, strengths, and areas needing improvement; always with humor, compassion and awareness. Moreover, Andrea's approach is wholistic; addressing not only the physiological but also the pshycological, emotional and spiritual underpinnings of her client's endeavours. Words that I would use to describe Andrea would include (but certainly not be limited to): Friendly, Dedicated, Diligent, Tenacious, Resourceful, Committed, Reliable, Insightful, Innovative, Conscientious. I wholehearted, and with great pleasure, recommend Andrea for any and all endeavours she may undertake.

Corinne - 2007

I highly recommend Andrea Davis as a personal trainer. She possesses three important qualities that everyone should consider in a personal trainer. She has the knowledge, education and commitment that is absolutely necessary to succeed and make clients succeed. She has designed programs for me individually and as part of a group. I successfully reached my goals in my 12-week transformation challenge and again in the 300+ challenge. She continues to encourage me to reach my potential and exceed personal goals. Her creativity and knowledge of workout routines seems endless. Boredom does not exist. She offers background information as to why and how routines work and how they can be most effective. She educates her clients on the various machines and how they work together with free weights. My sessions with Andrea are definitely one-on-one. She observes, critics and always offers words of encouragement during the entire workout. Over the last three years with her, I have gained more self-confidence and enjoy coming to the gym because of Andrea. She has a natural ability of getting the most from me with minimal effort. I would not hesitate to refer family and friends to Andrea. Any company or Fitness Centre would be fortunate to have her on staff. I have tried other trainers but find Andrea's "style" of training covers all aspects. As a bonus, you always leave the gym knowing you have worked your body. This is also noticed the next day as well! With respect and admiration,

Pat - 2007

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