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Virtual Services

We are now offering private virtual sessions! 

30-Minute Private Virtual Session

A 30-minute session is a great follow-up option to our other session packages or if you have already worked with us and have one very specific goal (30 minutes goes by fast!!) $30.00 +gst

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45-Minute Private Virtual Session​

Our 45-minute virtual sessions are our best seller as we can usually cover a few topics and questions in one sitting.  $45.00 +gst

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60-Minute Private Virtual Session

If you are new to us or have many questions, we recommend starting with at least one 60-minute virtual session $60.00 +gst

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15-Minute Private Virtual Session

A 15-minute session is a follow-up / check-in option that compliments our other session packages.

This is a great option if you do not know what service you need as this gives you our undivided attention and we can answer a few questions and/or help you decide how to proceed.  

$15.00 +gst

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